Pierce Brosnan tackles No Time To Die, the latest film with Daniel Craig

Earlier in the week, we told you why the next actor to play james link in the cinema will have to comply with this requirement of the producers, now that Daniel Craig he eventually retired from the franchise and stopped taking on the role ofbritish spy. And recently, Pierce Brosnanone of the actors who played the same character in the past, shared his warning about the latest movie released on 007.

a mixed review

Pierce Brosnan, who will soon be found in the next DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movie black adam in the role of Doctor Fate, is an Irish-born actor known in particular for being the fifth version of James Bond on film. He will play the character in four films in the franchisenamely golden eye (nineteen ninety five), the tomorrow Never Die (1997), the world is not enough (1999) and die another day (2002), and then it will give way to Daniel Craig who will debut as agent 007 with Royal Casino (2006).

But although Daniel Craig also retired with the film dying can waitlaunched last year, Brosnan, who was in an interview with the magazine QG, finally spoke about the last part of the saga dedicated to the British secret agent of MI6. He said:

I saw the latest and I saw Skyfall. I love Skyfall. But I’m not sure I can say the same for the last one.

Daniel always gives all his guts. He is very strong, very brave. But…

James Bond producers are looking for a new 007

The Hollywood actor will never finish his sentencebut it is clear that the last work of the franchise directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga seems not to have convinced him, and that despite all the appreciation he has for the performance of his successor. Brosnan’s opinion seems to join that of some fans of the franchisebecause the fact is that the melancholic conclusion of the film dying can waitmarking the end of Daniel Craig as the secret agent, it divided fans quite a bit.

Despite this, the actor’s last film is still considered a commercial successhaving grossed over $774 million in box office receipts worldwide, more so against the backdrop of a global pandemic in which the film industry was hit particularly hard.

But now the real question is who will be the next to succeed the actor.. To date, several contenders for the title of the new James Bond seem to stand out, including Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba. Keep in mind, though, that the latter recently shocked the world by revealing that he wasn’t necessarily interested in the role. For his part, Daniel Craig is expected in the sequel to the 2019 film of pique (knives out in OV), noble Glass Onion: A Disagreeing Storynormally available from December this year on Netflix.

James Bond producers are looking for a new 007

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