The Netflix movie is making history on the streaming platform!

Since its premiere on the Netflix streaming platform, the film Our Bruised Hearts has broken all audience records!

Surely you have been seduced by the new movie signed by Netflix, Our Bruised Hearts. It turns out that you are far from the only one in this situation.

The latter has been an incredible success since its launch. So much so that this film has even entered the history of the Netflix streaming platform.

Our broken hearts, the new romantic movie to watch absolutely on Netflix

Our Broken Hearts is a new movie produced by the streaming platform Netflix. The latter was just released a few weeks ago. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you must be one of the few. In fact, this movie has been exceptionally successful among the subscribers of the platform. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you a little more.

Thus, this film is going to be centered on two main characters, the character of Luke and that of Cassie. Just entered adult life, both are very different. Cassie lives off odd jobs that allow her to pay rent and medical treatment for diabetes.

If you are passionate about music, this passion still does not allow you to reach enough agents to make a living from it. Cassie is also a staunch feminist and pacifist. Meanwhile, Luke has just enlisted in the Marine Corps and is about to begin his first mission abroad.

A few weeks before leaving, he will meet the young woman. Very quickly, their differences will create sparks. But, Cassie will have an idea that could benefit them both. The young Ella wishes to marry Luke. This way, he will be able to take advantage of her health insurance and receive more money for her. This is how the two young people will end up marrying. However, not everything will go according to plan.

The film makes history for the Netflix streaming platform

As soon as it premiered on the streaming platform, Our Bruised Hearts movie was an incredible hit among subscribers. The latter has been seen by millions of people around the world.

Thus, we just found out that this movie had just entered the history of the streaming platform. Sure enough, Our Broken Hearts is on record as the seventh most-watched movie in Netflix history. A well deserved success for this moving film.

The movie Our Broken Hearts breaks all records on Netflix

If you too have been seduced, you must be wondering about a possible sequel to the movie. As of now, Netflix has yet to confirm anything. But, given the incredible audiences, it would not be surprising if the platform decided to offer a sequel to this first film.

A proposal that the two main actors would be happy to accept. Thus, Nicholas Galitzine, who plays the role of Luke, said that he was ready for a second film. The latter could follow the new life of Cassie and Luke.

What is the premiere date of the movie sequel Our Broken Hearts 2 on Netflix?

As you know, nothing is certain yet regarding the production of a second film by the Netflix platform. But, if a second part of Our wounded hearts sees the light of day, you will have to show a little patience.

In fact, neither the script nor the shooting have started yet. It will be several months before Cassie and Luke return to your screens. In fact, the second movie Our Bruised Hearts won’t be available until next year on the Netflix streaming platform. You just have to cross your fingers for it to happen!

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