El Muerto: the Sony Pictures film hires Jonas Cuarón (Desert) to direct

sony images hire a director to shoot his inexplicable project the dead. Announced last April, and until recently only based on the Puerto Rican rapper’s popularity pitch. bad bunnyrecently seen at the movies Bullet train Y fast and furious 9 (sorry, F9), the film moves serenely towards a pre-production in good and due form. According to the wording of the wrapper, Jonas Cuaron will be in charge of filming this unexpected adaptation dedicated to one of the fifth knives (sixth? seventh? After how many knives do we consider that it is really no longer worth accumulating so many knives?) in the universe. Spiderman.

From Z to BB

Because, if you’re still scratching your head and questioning your legitimacy as a spider fan for not being able to remember “but who the fuck is that the dead ?”, the character has no real consistency in the spider saga. Created by peter david Y roger cross within Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6, this extremely transient villain actually only has two appearances in the official timeline, namely this specific issue and then the next. He is stupidly a Latin American fighter, Juan Carlos Sanchez, endowed with supernatural abilities. In other words, for sony images, a checkbox in the great plan to conquer market shares, given that the Spanish-speaking public in the United States -and South American countries- also buys their movie ticket when the opportunity arises. And then hey, who really wants to have the sinister six The comics also in the cinema? Hey? Many people ? Well maybe. but you had no way homenow it is OK.

And if you think this remark is downright cynical or offers a somewhat unfair short cut, see instead: The studio hasn’t particularly pulled its hair out trying to figure out which writer would be able to give personal, authentic breath to this first iteration of a Latino hero in their shared universe, from the spawns of Sony just decided to hire Gareth Dunnet-Alcocerwho just wrote the movie… Blue beetleat[person]’s house Warner Bros.. In other words, the first Latin American hero in the universe. DC to the movies. “But what a good idea avi“, would have exclaimed amy paschal carefully classifying their emails during the reflection session that would have led to the validation of the project. “And then it’s not like we have a Latin American headliner to present haha, no…”, he would have added with a mischievous air and yet loaded with a certain acidity.

Of course, we are joking (aren’t we? A little, come on) but the point is that the film lady web runs the risk of toasting courtesy the dead proposing an adaptation of the character ofAnya Heart probably played by actress isabella mercedes in the cinema (if we follow the trail of multiple Spider woman foreseen in the agenda of this small project), to break the symbol of the “very first time”. It doesn’t matter, since unknowingly, sony images rehired a talented director for a commissioned project, after daniel espinosaand to some extent, Ruben Fleischer in the first movie Poison.

Jonas Cuaronbefore being the son of the great Alfonso Cuaronhe had actually been noticed for his work on the film. Desert with Gael Garcia Bernal Y Jeffrey Dean Morgan. A film that will remain at the gates of the selection for the Oscars in the category of Best Foreign Film. It’s clear the filmmaker has since struggled to get past the second. The last he heard, he had been hired to direct Za restart futuristic character fox with the same Gael Garcia Bernal and the actress kiersey clemmons (Zack Snyder’s Justice League), an underwater project still in operation somewhere in a Hollywood office buried under a pile of cigarette butts and license agreements to negotiate. And maybe some blood spurts. we don’t know. But that’s plausible.

Now it remains to form a complete cast and a technical team.

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