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Opera is not the art that most interests young people. On the contrary, they often say clearly that they do not like opera even if they have never attended a performance. It is to fight against this first received idea that La Fabrique Opéra performs. “We want young people and their loved ones to take the time to see an opera, at least once in their lives… Only then do they have to decide,” specifies Fleur Marin-Lamellet, director of production. And it must be said that some young people are not satisfied with being spectators.

Participate in the promotion of vocational training

Thanks to its cooperative opera action, La Fabrique Opéra allows, for a year, young high school students and apprentices to be at the heart of creation. Supervised by an artistic team, around 500 young people participate in the preparation of the shows. From hairdressing to the production of sets, including make-up and costumes, different sectors of activity are convened. “Beyond the cultural aspect, we want to show that opera is a complete art. This year we have asked, in addition to the usual sectors, young people in hospitality training from the IMT to prepare appetizers for the VIP pot. Young people from the Mounier high school will be ushers, that is, they will install the public in the room”, explains Fleur.

By mobilizing young people, La Fabrique Opéra promotes professional training. “Young people realize that opera is not reserved for an elite, and that after their training they can dedicate themselves to professions that they would not have thought of because in the end their know-how is applied in vast areas, including culture . If this cause is close to your heart, you can contribute by supporting La Fabrique Opéra!

Associate your business with big names in the world of entertainment

It must be said that in order to welcome young people and organize a show, it is necessary to have up to 500,000 euros per production. A sum that La Fabrique Opéra cannot raise on its own. This is where you can help them by becoming a member of the project through cultural sponsorship.

As a company director, cultural sponsorship allows you to support and participate in the realization of a large-scale artistic project, in accordance with the values ​​of your company. By committing yourself to La Fabrique Opéra, you have the possibility of joining a professional insertion project, fighting against school dropouts and democratizing lyrical art. You defend noble causes and benefit from the advantages of sponsorship: tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the donation made; up to 25% counterparties; enhance your image. You even have the possibility of sharing an exceptional moment with your collaborators and/or employees by joining La Fabrique Opéra, at the Summum, for an evening of opera.

The next performances will take place on March 31, April 01, 02 and 04, 2023. As for the show, “Turandot l’Opéra de Puccini”, signed by Shirley and Dino… nothing better to associate the name of your company with big names in entertainment!

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