Music, dance and many performances for this Black & Blue 360

This time is the right one! After two years of cancellation, the great Black & Blue event is back on Sunday, October 9 from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., albeit all night, at TOHU. And you can swing your hips to the wild beat for all those hours. Post-COVID has never looked so sexy! Organized by the BBCM Foundation, this Black & Blue 360o was entrusted to Louis Guillemette, who thus became the artistic director of this party with capacity for several hundred people. And this one has several surprises in store for partygoers!

Of course, there will be sexy dancers and DJs, nine to be precise, and not least big names from Montreal like Lady McKoy, Stéphane Grondin, Ian Key, Steve Aries (St-Denis), Alain Jackinsky, Stéfane Lippé, DJ Maus, Luc Raymond and Alain Vinet. But it will be necessary to have the eyes around the head. After all, it’s not called 360o for nothing! As you dance to a brisk beat, there may be a performance on one of the back, side or front stages… So keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss a thing. And because ? Because Louis Guillemette thus created a world —“houses”— segments that referred to communities of sexual and gender diversity with colorful characters.

ian key

“We’re at TOHU, so I worked in the spirit of the circular, the ‘360o’, the circus environment, and I know this room well as I come from a circus background,” explains Louis Guillemette. “At the same time, I looked at what was happening at these Black & Blue parties in the 90s and 2000s. And in these 90s there was this “house” phenomenon and, for four or five years, we see that there is a reappearance in the clubs of New York, mainly thanks to shows like Pose. There are also new realities in 2SLGBTQ+ communities, especially among youth, gendered, genderless, trans, non-binary, drag, etc. So I designed stages with performances by artists from all of these backgrounds, which I called “houses,” with at least five artists per “house.” So there will be 30-40 artists so you can make an impact during the night! »

We will thus have the House of Club Kids/Queer, House of Circus (with Célien Pinon), House of Drag Queens/Kings/Trans (with Bobépine Beaucage among others), House of Dance (with choreographer Jessy Gauthier and sexy dancers), House of Twinks & Daddies and House of Burlesque/Boylesque (with Tristan Ginger). Yes, that’s a lot of people! Each “house” will be presented and the performances will have their own music or will be integrated with the music of the DJ who will be playing at that moment. So there will be a lot of movement. I tried to close the circle by presenting numbers with very diverse and talented artists from the young generation and the older ones, in particular with House of Twinks & Daddies. […]. It will be very artistic in a way that we have never seen before at Black & Blue, as it is different from previous years,” says Louis Guillemette, who is also a dancer, choreographer and teacher at the National Circus School.

Central stage and circular or half-moon podiums, semicircular halls, a long catwalk, this is among other things what the participants of this party will find. “We are still in the last preparations and maybe there will be things that will be added, like services in the entrance hall, for example, we will see […] says Louis Guillemette, who is in charge of entertainment programming at the SDC du Village.

So it’s likely to be a rolling fire of performances, artists, lighting effects, etc. The animation will be more present between midnight and 7 in the morning, and this, with more intensity at certain times since the famous “house” will also be superimposed to impress.

“All of this was designed with a balance between different forms of art and performance. It was an exciting challenge when I was entrusted with the artistic direction of this party because it is a new experience for me, different from what I had previously done in the field of contemporary arts or the circus. But in contemporary dance I have already done many things that were, already at the time —and this did not go unnoticed— [considérées] like “queer”. It was therefore about updating this party and directing it towards a new direction, a new orientation, especially after two years of the pandemic. […] », to conclude Louis Guillemette.

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