This film that thrilled critics and triumphed at the César is coming to Netflix

Netflix is ​​full of new stuff. Award-winning feature films, original series, moving documentaries… Each month, the platform unveils the programs that will delight subscribers, with highly anticipated productions, but also surprising nuggets. Among the latest additions, the film reductionworn by Matt Damon, but also the series The companythat melted viewers, while some are already impatient to discover the spin-off of money theft centered on Berlin, which was revealed in a first trailer. But in the meantime, the streaming giant puts online this Sunday, October 9, a film that, during its first presentation at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, was unanimous with critics.

A film inspired by real events.

Selected for the Camera d’or in the A Certain Regard section, daddy of Monia Meddour it is to be discovered quickly. When it was released, the film had won over many viewers for its narrative centered on a group of young students in Algiers during the black decade. A term that refers to the civil war that broke out in 1991 between the Algerian government and various Islamist groups and that, in ten years, left between 60,000 and 150,000 dead. The violence told through the character of Nedjma, a student who dreams of becoming a fashion designer and who regularly leaves his university residence to go to a nightclub, where he sells his creations to other young women. Prey to the violence of the civil war and the ever-increasing pressure to conform to the moral standards and dress dictated by the Islamists, she will try to resist in spite of everything.

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“Hymn to the emancipation of women”

Conducted by actress Lyna Khoudri as Nedjma, daddywhich in Algerian French designates a coquettish young woman, was awarded twice at the Césars in 2019receiving the award Best First Featurebut also that of Most Promising Actress for its young lead actress, who has since been seen on the french office by Wes Anderson and in November by Cedric Jimenez. Movie “at once overwhelming and essential“, underlined The express in his review, broadcast by AlloCiné, and welcomed the benefits of “two revelations, the young Lyna Khoudri and Shirin Butellaimpressive in papicha rebel”. “Hymn to the emancipation of women”, “beautiful movie” in the“devastating energy”, “beautiful plea with autobiographical accents”, daddy is, according to Humanity, a vibrant tribute to all those Algerian women who resisted the bearded men, to all those who, day after day, despite the roadblocks and the smell of death, continued to work, study, go out”..

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