L’Expression: Culture – L’Apprenti, this passionate activist

The one who is still nicknamed the “Apprentice” today, because of his comic character, together with Hadj Abderrhamane, who heads the investigation into Inspector Tahar, died on October 9, 2004, at the age of 76. For many Algerians, it is this eternal image that we keep of him, the lively and jovial temperament of him, small in stature, but big in talent, verve, flanked by a mischievous gaze. 18 years ago, Yahia Benmabrouk, this spirited actor, with a rich career in both theater and film, disappeared. He was born on March 30, 1928 in Algiers. It is almost a fluke of fate that will push him to the trestles.
In 1940, called to the rescue, replacing a young actor with Mustapha Kateb, coach and head of the Algerian theater company, it was the great meeting of his life. Victim of an attack perpetrated in 1956 by French extremists, Yahia Benmabrouk was forced to abandon his artistic activities, to return two years later, in 1958, and participate, as a founding member, in the artistic company of the National Liberation Front, headed by Mustapha. Kateb. He will thus dedicate his talent as an artist to the service of the national cause and Algerian culture. A seasoned activist, he pursued his profession with passion and stamina.
Founded in Tunisia in 1958, the FLN company had set itself the main mission of promoting the Algerian revolution abroad, through a committed collective of artists, creators and intellectuals in various fields of the performing arts, who presented several of their performances in various capitals. of the world.
After independence, Yahia Benmabrouk did not stop acting in the National Theater of Algeria, chaining roles in different works, such as the first, Hassan Terro (1963), then, Actor in spite of him, A red rose for me, El Ghoula, Ma yenfaâ ghir essah or Es’Soltane el hayer.
The deceased also acted in Les concierges (1970), together with a large number of figures from the Algerian theater, such as the late Sid Ali Kouiret, Fatiha Berbère and Ammar Marouf, to be cast two years later, in The Man with the Rubber Sandals of Kateb. Yacine, thus becoming an essential actor with a unique career that he continued to lead until 1983, when he appeared in Juha baâ h’marou. A great figure of the post-independence theater with, among others, Rouiched, Allel El Mouhib, Keltoum, Sid Ali Kouiret, Mustapha Kateb and Farida Saboundji, Yahia Ben Mabrouk participated in almost all national theater events and participated in several festivals. in Tunisia In cinema and television he made his debut in 1967 together with the late Hadj Abderrahmane, with whom he had formed the anthological duo L’Inspecteur Tahar et l’Apprenti, which pleased moviegoers and viewers for several years. it will be a great success.
Among the most famous films of this duo, where Yahia Benmabrouk plays the role of “The Apprentice” (the inspector’s assistant), stand out Inspector Tahar (1967) and Inspector Tahar’s Holidays, by Moussa Haddad (1972), which being a great success, but also Inspector Tahar scores the goal (1975) or Le chat (1978). Yahia Benmabrouk will also star in the historic cult film Chronicles of the Burning Years (1975), by Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina, Palme d’Or in 1975 at the Cannes Film Festival. After the death of his partner Hadj Abderrahmane alias Inspector Tahar, in 1981, “the Apprentice” escaped from the artistic scene. His return to the cinema will mark him in Le clandestin (1989) by Benamar Bakhti, which was a great success with the public. In the 1990s, the deceased also participated in various film and television works, including Rachid Bouchareb’s Cheb (1991), Hafila tassir (1993), and Les vacances de l’Apprenti (1999).
Yahia Benmabrouk died on October 9, 2004, at the age of 76.
His indelible image will remain forever marked in the memory of the Algerian people.

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