echoes of the books collected by Anne-Marie Revol

The writer who sent us her four photos is also a journalist and columnist for radio and television. Léa Cirier, a Paris bookseller, recommends a graphic novel, perpendicular to the sun, based on a true story, published by Delcourt. As for the instagramers, they invite us to read live fast by Brigitte Giraud, a story about mourning that avoids the pitfall of pathos. It is published by Flammarion.

But who is questioning here?

The author who hides behind her four photographs is also a journalist. After studying Letters, she worked as a freelance in paris tomorrow then joined in 1992 the editorial team of She where Jean-Dominique Bauby, then editor-in-chief of the women’s magazine, took her under his wing. She very soon stood out in the writing of literary chronicles and in 2001 she became head of the department dedicated to books. A year later, Jérôme Garcin asked her to join his band of happy critics at the mask and feather in France Inter. From 2006 to 2008, he worked at the ship of books on France 5 and since 2005, he embodies the section “Words” in Telemat. In 2018 he published his first book dedicated to the suicide of his brother Alexandre. This book, all in delicacy, has been a great success with the public and… critics since the Renaudot jury consecrated it in the essay category. Her latest book, published at the end of August, recounts the daily life of a Parisian editor overwhelmed by the whirlwind of her life. A light and profound book that Françoise Sagan, whom he admires so much, would not have denied. If I add to that that she has a very nice particle last name, you should guess who we are talking about here!

The bookseller advocates “Perpendicular to the Sun”

Léa Cirier, who officiates at the A Book and a Cup of Tea bookshop in Paris, was totally carried away by this perpendicular to the sun, an ambitious and impressive graphic novel, published by Delcourt. Its author, Valentine Cuny-Le Callet, relates the epistolary correspondence that she had from the age of 19 to 25 with a black American condemned to death, named Renaldo McGirth. “She explains to us the birth of the project after the attacks in Paris that led her to reflect on the death penalty and confinement.” Pencil work and woodcuts are combined with unique and colorful images that speak to the beauty of the world that has emerged from extreme conditions. A moving account of a budding friendship, this story examines the brutality of the prison system and the tenacity with which convicts rebuild their lives from a five-square-meter cell. A graphic narrative of rare intensity. “An impressive testimony in its modesty and in its testimony…”

Brigitte Giraud attracts the admiration of booksellers…

Once again, the literary columnists who invest Instagram were not wrong to recommend that we read live fast by Brigitte Giraud, a magnificent essay published by Flammarion that appears this literary season in many lists of great prizes as prestigious as the Goncourt or the Femina. Having to leave her house, which has been expropriated, and pack her most intimate belongings, the author recalls the conditions of its acquisition and, above all, the dramatic circumstances that marked its purchase, since the papers had barely been signed, his partner died suddenly in a motorcycle accident. “With words, and a slew of ‘what ifs,’ he attempts the impossible: rewrite history”, explains @antigoneheron. and this avoiding “brilliantly the trap of pathos”, specifies @les_chroniques_de_koryfee. This book, as powerful as it is reassuring, is the story of a reconstruction and a tribute to life with a capital V. A wonderful balm for the heart despite a subject that could be scary.

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