What is this Netflix movie that is drawing the ire of netizens?

Either always rich It went somewhat unnoticed on Netflix a year ago, now this movie is a success on the streaming platform. On the other hand, it would seem that this Dutch production is not to the taste of Internet users.

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On October 1, 2021, Netflix presented his first original Dutch production: always rich. The film tells the story of Richie and his journey to become the best rapper in Holland. As he gets closer to his ultimate goal each day, he is the target of a trap. During one night, thieves attack the young rising star and steal her jewelry and her phone. Returning home, Richie finally realizes another problem: his phone contains scandalous secrets about his life. Not sufficiently protected, the device seems to end up in the hands of people who have no compunction about showing the artist’s private life. Putting an intimate video of the rapper online will be costly for Richie, who will experience a lot of turbulence in his professional life and his relationship life. The young artist will have to fight against all odds to regain his status as an emerging rap star. A year after its launch, now always rich little by little it is climbing positions in the Top 10 of Netflix. However, most netizens were not swayed by the Dutch drama.

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worst movie“, “stinks“…Netizens are knocking out always rich

Although the film is a success on Netflix, subscribers openly give their opinion on social networks and do not hide it: they do have the feeling of having wasted their time watching it. always rich. “Forever Rich is the worst movie I’ve ever seen, it sucks. it’s crazy“, “Forever Rich is the most annoying movie I’ve ever seen.“, “Forever Rich, what is this super average movie?“, “I saw the dumbest movie of my life, I never watched Forever Rich mddrrr“, “The movie Forever Rich is really overrated, it sucks.“, we can read in particular among the many comments.

this movie is too good“, “A good movie“…These netizens continue to be seduced by always rich

On Twitter, another Netflix subscriber judged that he had even wasted 1h30 of his life watching the movie with Jonas Smulders in the skin of the young rapper. “The movie Forever Rich sucks. All Tik Tok is about that when it’s pure shit, I wasted 1h30 there!“And another did not fail to declare that the film was”scratch from start to finish.” Either always rich It did not attract most Internet users, others, however, were convinced by the plot of the Dutch drama. “Forever Rich, this movie is very good.“said a Netflix subscriber. An opinion shared by two other Internet users: “Forever Rich on Netflix, I liked it“, “A good movie Forever Rich“.

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