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This year, the M1 of the CCST master’s degree have been invited to cover the EXPERIMENTA 2022 biennial! We divided into 4 groups to cover the different facets of this event that mixes art and science.

Our group approached shows In Situ, that is to say “in their natural environment”.

The peculiarity of these performances is that they are performed outside traditional theaters.

Let’s start with a brief introduction of our 4 protagonists:
Lisathe organizer who planned everything when everyone else was too busy with the science fair.

Guilhaumefound himself reluctantly as a cameraman due to faulty equipment during one of the activities.
Emma he was the only reporter for the last show, as no one else could attend.
Finally Julia our driver who took us on board for a performance at the other end of Grenoble.

We are going to tell you about our tour of EXPERIMENTA’s In situ shows.
On the program: 5 functions, finally reduced to 4 since all the time slots of “Places)” they were complete. 4 shows for 4 people, that’s perfect. Therefore, we have assigned a responsible person per show.
The mission of the latter is to pre-present the event on Twitter and then publish a short interview or report in the following days.

Lisa was in charge of the first show: the local factory. We went to a half-built building. After this show on architecture and measurement scales, we were able to debate with 4 members of the team in charge of the representation. We filmed our exchanges with the team, then produced a recap video, posted it on Youtube and shared it on Twitter.

The second event was covered by Yulia: the Jules Verne glasses, a city tour with augmented reality glasses. Departing from the Grenoble Tourist Office, we spent two hours wandering through the city center, guided by a voice and images. After this visit, Yulia published photos and a short report.

Guilhaume took over the show Flying bodies through the fields . We drove to Le Clos des Capucins in Meylan to attend. The performance took place in a chapel, emptied for the occasion. After the performance we were able to chat with a technician from the show. Therefore, we did an audio interview accompanied by footage from the show, later published by Guilhaume.

Emma took over the show: emergency entrance. The scheduled slot was cancelled, and only Emma was available for the final slot.

After several unsuccessful attempts to reach out, Emma had to leave without an interview.

Disappointed for not having received answers, she contacted the Experimenta communication intern who will provide her with the necessary information. Thanks to this, her Emma was able to post a Twitter thread after a short video report.

Finally, despite the few incidents that have occurred, we have always made sure to remedy them. The four of us were convinced by the original “in situ” format of the shows, we liked it a lot and we were very moved. I can’t wait to see what the 2024 edition will offer!

Article written by Yulia Potié, Lisa Troalen, Emma Bellavia and Guilhaume Boo within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Communication and Scientific and Technical Culture within the framework of the 2022 edition of EXPERIMENTA.

Photo taken at the Clos des Capucins during the show “Flying bodies through the fields”

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