“Maple”: a shocking new novel for David Goudreault

After taking a detour through the poetry and presented a tour of shows, the incomparable David Goudreault returns to his old love, the romantic style, in his new book. Maplepolice novel transcomic, punch, is both an investigation and a social portrait with biting humor. David Goudreault ignores decorum, censorship and takes all the literary liberties he desires through a cynical, loud-mouthed and very colorful female character that we won’t soon forget.

This “trashicomic” thriller, he writes, is inspired by the universe of The beast, a successful series that sold 128,000 copies. We meet Maple, the main character of the third volume, on his way out of prison. As a reminder, Maple had been sentenced after she had attacked an agent to allow the Beast to escape, at the end ofkill the beast.
In the world to which he returns, which is one of drug addiction and prostitution, a series of murders occur. Maple, at the risk of completely ruining the investigation, takes on the police to lend a hand and discover who dares to attack the most vulnerable in the metropolis.

like in the trilogy The beast, David Goudreault, who worked for 12 years as a social worker, explores the complexities of mental health disorders and the absurdities of social and prison pathways. He spares nothing. Absolutely nothing.

funny years…

In an interview – one of the few he will give this fall as he will then retire to his chambers to prepare for his new show – David Goudreault makes abundantly clear his irritating and irreverent artistic approach, unique in the literary scene.

He finds that we live in strange years, very strange times, and tries to draw inspiration from them. “If there is a way to preserve some freedom in these years of high censorship, I will do my part.”

Maple is a project that germinated at the end of the last trilogy. “To me, it was clear that he was burying The Beast. I didn’t want to go back to this character or stretch this trilogy any further. I set myself a more literary challenge with Their dead to me therefore something more acrobatic on a formal level. But all this time, I missed the Beast universe. There was this madness, this freedom that I gave myself, that I wanted to find again—.”

He wondered how to do it without falling into the recipe, without resurrecting a character he wanted to get rid of, and how to find that complicity with his readers. Thus was born the idea of ​​writing a thriller.

“I wanted to respect the codes of the thriller, but take it to my universe transcomic, and at the same time, have a point about the world and the times, through a good story. For me, the most important thing is to have a good story.”

The right to fiction

Another item close to his heart: asserting the right to fiction. “It’s still crazy, the moment we’re in. We are in a kind of atmosphere of autofiction preaching, affected, that we almost forget that fiction exists. So much so that I get threats from morons who can’t figure things out.

“Recently someone wrote to me to tell me that I was empty: “Die, asshole, animal killer.” he, he read The beast and thought it was a biography. More than being sensitive to the tragedy of this character, because he insults me and threatens me.

Did a villain jump? “One stir among others, because there are many stirs, even in the literary world, who want to censor as much as possible people who take up too much space. More and more, we see very violent, vicious, shady, unfounded types of attacks and all that. They told me that it is no longer possible to write novels like The beast. So my answer… is to write worse!”

  • David Goudreault is a social worker, poet, novelist, lyricist.
  • Signed the successful trilogy The beastwhich sold 128,000 copies.
  • His chronicles in the program. Goodnight ! made it known to the general public.
  • He has received numerous distinctions, including the medal of the National Assembly, the World Cup of Poetry, the Great Archambault Literary Prize and the New Voices of Literature Prize.
  • His first stand-up show, at the end of your tongueit was a success.
  • He will work this winter on his next show.

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