Powdered snow and ramen: the journey of two brothers in Japan

The Bouchard brothers fell under the spell of Japan in 1994. After a few trips, all of them during the summer period, they decided to leave again for four weeks in 2019, this time in winter, to experiment with skiing. They sleep in a van, often buried in snow, ski almost every day, and eat like royalty. The desire to shoot their adventures and their multiple discoveries will be born.

I want as many people as possible to see it because it’s pure bliss! exclaims Philippe Bouchard.

He adds that it is not necessary to practice this sport to appreciate the film. People leave there amazed by the spectacle, the quality of the landscapes, the snow. So they just want to go for ramen because we eat delicious food throughout the movie! adds, who still thrives on sporting challenges.

The movie titled “Bring your skis back to Japan” is an adventure of the brothers Philippe and Vincent Bouchard.

Photo: Still from the film Bring Your Skis to Japan by Vincent and Philippe Bouchard

Legendary Japanese Fuck

Ski resorts in Japan are known for their abundant and exceptional powder snow. The winds coming from Siberia, bringing all the moisture from the Sea of ​​Japan, will whip the mountains. Makes super light powder which for skiers is awesomeexplains Vincent Bouchard.

This search for the best powder and the best ramen in Japan will take them on a memorable journey. the trip latestAs Vincent describes it, each day is more epic than the last. Among the most outstanding, this day in which two meters of snow fell in two days.

We went down anywhere and the snow covered our heads! It’s like you are a superhero, you could descend to anything, very steep, to trees! And at night, we ate one of the best ramen. It was the most total happiness! »

a quote from Vincent Bouchard, co-director

Screened everywhere in Quebec

The 90-minute film will be shown on big screens throughout the province over the next few weeks. It will be screened in 54 theaters and 43 cities, including Sherbrooke, Montreal, Val-d’Or, Matane and Quebec. Philippe and Vincent also want to present a shorter version of their film next year at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Even if the cinematography lacks refinement, even if this is not a movie for thrill seekers, do not sulk your pleasure, because it is very nice to discover Japan in the company of Philippe and Vincent. This is the ride of a lifetime for two brothers, and that is immensely moving.

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