Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry, winner of the Hors Concours 2022 award

for the 7me edition, the jury highlighted the Chadian writer Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry for there are no rainbows in the sky (Hélice Hélas, 2022). The prize was presented to him at the Maison de la poetess in Paris on Monday, November 28, in the presence of 200 literary actors. The special mention of the public went to William Aubin with his work the tree of wrath (La Contre Allée, 2022). The award is intended to reward an independent publisher, a house” which does not have a large group in its capital, whose turnover is less than a million euros but which is capable of distributing throughout France “, according to Gaelle Bohehis founder.

Born in Chad, Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry began his literary career with a short story published by International Radio France. He then posted tail blood (1999, l’Harmattan), collections of short stories that include Chadian Chronicles (2008, In Folio) or even random the bush (Hélice Hélas, 2021), the latest novel to date. Within there are no rainbows in the sky (Woe to the propeller), His fifth novel, Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry explores the issue of trans-Saharan slavery and chronicles two hundred years of human exploitation in the Chad region. At the same time, through the story of the escape of a young slave, he also elaborates the utopia of a united and open Afropolitan society. Resident on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland, the author received the Chad National Grand Prize for Literature in 2017 for his body of work.

Coming from an engineering background, Guillaume Aubin became a bookseller and won the Young Writer Award 2015 and 2016 respectively for his short stories “Phosphorescence” and “Punk à Chien”, published in the collections And covered in satin Y life is a tiny thingPosted by Buchet Chastel. the tree of wrath (La Contre Allée, 2022), his first novel, is an immersion in the North American taiga of the Canadian First Nations with Fille-Rousse, a protagonist in search of freedom. But to the community shaman, it could well be that the girl is a Half Skin, a person who is both male and female. If some accept her as she is, others put Fille-Rousse to the test.

The members of the jury for the 2022 edition were: Stéphanie Khayat (journalist for Télématin in France 2)Inès de la Motte Saint-Pierre (journalist for the Grande Librairie on France 5), David Medioni (editor of the webzine Ernesto!), Ilana Moryoussef (Head of Literature at the Department of Culture at France Inter) and Isabelle Motro (editorial director of to chat).

The Hors Concours prize was created in 2016 to reward French-speaking authors published by independent publishers.

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