Music: Artist Karim Soulaye announces the colors of his dedication concert scheduled for January 1

The dedication concert of the artist Abdoul Karim alias “Karim Soulaye” will be held on 1Ahem January 2023 at the Belvedere. As a prelude to this act, the singer announces the colors of the event in which his album ”Fidia Diala” will stand out. An album of ten (10) titles that it offers to the music-loving public of Conakry.

At the microphone this Saturday, December 3, 2022, this Mali native delivered the content of his music and the particularity of this album.

“My music is a little different than other people’s. Sometimes I sing as if he heard me (in Poular, but translated into French). There are some who get drunk, there are others who don’t get drunk. I have fun. My music is to amuse, to joke. It is not love. So I switched to Soulaye, joined Fidia Diala. This is the fun album. The key piece is Fidia Diala. People like it a lot. Every time I do live, my fans tell me: you have to sing Fidia Diala. And the track hasn’t even come out yet,” she said.

The author of Soulaye promises a surprise to his fans on the day of his signature concert.

“I am going to have fun with my fans with many songs. I programmed a new piece the image of pastoral music. It is not based on the old stuff. I modernized many things. On the day of the inauguration I will share a lot of pleasure with the public”, assures Karim Soulaye.

This young artist is delighted with the support of his colleagues for the different publications through Facebook. He also invites you on the 1stAhem January at the dedication concert at the Belvédère.

Karim Soulaye, artist

“Many artists support and encourage me. They made posts. I don’t know how some were informed? There are others who change their profile photos. I thank all the artists, I invite you all to support me on 1Ahem January. It’s hard to release an album, especially financially. The album requires a large amount of funding. There are certain expenses, it is the sponsors who will help you. But this time we had no sponsors. We write a lot of letters, but the sponsors say that we are at the end of the year. We had financing difficulties,” said Abdoul Karim aka Karim Soulaye.

Remember that Karim Soulaye is now the author of 3 albums. The first was released in 2015 (Soulaye), followed by the second in 2019. And, the third entitled “Fidia Diala” will be signed on 1Ahem January 2023 at the Belvedere.

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