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RIYADH: Since your first event last December, monsters of nature created a community of EDM/dance music lovers as part of the Kingdom’s growing music scene.

This multi-stage concept is unlike any other community proposal in the Kingdom.

monsters of natureOrganized by Saudi creative agency Disrupt, it is a series of festivals held two to three times a year with 1,000 to 5,000 spectators per day, dwarfing most local events, which typically hold around 1,000 spectators.

This series of events showcases new talent and the region’s creative culture. As competition increases, event organizers are scrambling to find new ways to deliver innovative productions.

The concept of “subgenre” arose from an unusual culture associated with variations of EDM (electronic dance music) and house music.

Rather than accept some Saudi communities’ resistance to the music, Yazid Alhashim, founder of Disrupt Group and DJ Sound of Yaz, embraced the genre, calling viewers “monsters.”

On the anniversary of their first full performance a year ago at XP Music Festival, the precursor to the biggest regional music festival MDL Beast, the band celebrated with a return to bon time to present their vision.

“Music events and festivals are always the product of a music sector. And what we’re doing at Disruptors is trying to build that infrastructure, which supports artists, develops talent and provides all the services that make the music industry exist,” Alhashim said. arab news.

The “episodes” are typically home to multiple stages, including the main stage and the underground venue, each featuring a different EDM and dance subgenre. (Photo provided)

Last month, the group organized the third edition of the cycle monsters of Nature titled “Araveian Freaksbringing together a number of renowned DJs from Europe, including Mesto, Seth Hills, Kaaze and Toby Romeo, to headline two evenings of music, art and entertainment.

“Episodes” are typically made up of multiple stages, each featuring a different EDM and dance subgenre, to appeal to a broader audience, compared to niche events.

“We’re getting to things halfway to entertain more people and have a much more outgoing community that can relate to each other,” he says. arab news DJ Rash, who performed at the first edition of the festival.

“As the Saudi underground party scene grew, more and more people refined their musical tastes, preferring subgenres, such as minimal house over dark techno, or vice versa. Whatever your tastes, there is a place for you in monsters of nature“, he said.

“If you put people in a box and then bring our community, traditional Saudis would call us monsters. So we are already monsters but we don’t care.

“We are in a phase where all DJs understand music, open their minds to musical tastes. They experiment with different subgenres,” says Alhashim.

“House music has its own rhythm, style and tempo using more euphoric sounds as well as certain rhythms, and we don’t have to change that, we just have to enjoy it, and put our own stamp on it.”

For DJ Rash, “we started to think, adapt and invite international artists for each event. If you invite an artist, it will draw the crowd. And again, he will appear and teach us something. It is the idea of ​​bringing international artists because they have reached a very high level of competition, on a world scale. When you bring them here, we are in competition.”

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In a year, from the music festival monsters of nature held their first event in December 2021, the group has successfully built a community for dance music and EDM fans and enthusiasts in a growing music scene. (Photo provided)

Dutch DJ WeDamnz performed at this year’s event Monsters of Nature XP and also starred in its debut episode, alongside English DJ James Hype, nicknamed “mashup-king”, who was one of the top streaming dance artists of the year.

When WeDamz first received the invitation to perform on a Saudi stage, he was stressed, having only performed in Europe and parts of Canada.

“I didn’t know what to expect, or what people were listening to here,” he said. arab news. “I didn’t even know that EDM or dance music was popular. For fifteen minutes, I thought to myself that people really liked it. I was surprised how many songs the audience recognized.”

The artist said that music from the Arab region could well become popular on the global charts.

“I think Saudi Arabia is doing a good job of managing, connecting cultures. She really goes out of her way to bring everyone together. During the concert I gave (on XP), you can see that people appreciated the difference in genres. And it’s great to convey that as a Dutchman in Arabia.”

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