100 years of the Maugein accordion in tulle

The accordion is the emblem of popular and traditional music. In Tulle, in Corrèze, the instrument is an institution. A little over a hundred years ago, the company Maugein Frères was born. A century later, the factory is part of the identity of this city of Corrèze.

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The accordion is an iconic musical instrument. Maugein and the accordion is a passion. Because it takes passion to make this object made up of more than 2,000 pieces, almost all made by hand.

In Tulle, in Corrèze, the factory ofmaugein accordions it is an institution. A heritage shared by generations of families, which irrigates orchestras and conservatories from all over the world with its little musical notes.

It was in Austria, in 1829, that Cyril Demiam invented, or rather modernized, the accordion. In fact, he will take up the work of Buschmann and Haeckl and equip the instrument with a keyboard that allows it to play chords and thus give it its place in an orchestra. First used in upper-middle-class spheres, the accordion quickly left its original social setting and crossed borders.

The accordion is everywhere: at weddings, in orchestras, in small neighborhood or town dances… It has survived wars, robotics and globalization. Anonymous people and personalities have held him in their arms: from Yvette Horner to Bourvil, from Azzola accompanying Django Reinhardt, but also Piaf, Maurice Chevalier, Jean Gabin, and more recently Jacques Higelin, Renaud and Claudio Capéo.

And the history of the Maugein Frères company fits into that of this instrument.

Maugein-frères is the last accordion manufacturer in France. The Maugein accordion, a hundred-year-old breath is a film that recalls this century-old adventure in Corrèze, to meet accordion lovers and those who do it.

Mehdi Lallaoui is making a patrimonial and human, musical and educational film.

Four characters follow one another to tell this story:

  • René Lachèze who helped save the factory from safe closure
  • Fernande Leymarie, former contract worker in 1960
  • Sébastien Farge, who just came of age, won the World Accordion Trophy
  • Marcel Azzola, who has accompanied the accordion to the biggest names in French song, including Jacques Brel and his famous: Chauffe Marcel!

The Maugein accordion, a hundred-year-old breath allows you to plunge into the history of this instrument and its universality. Whether diatonic or chromatic, the accordion requires unique know-how during its design.

A co-production / Mémoires Vives Productions / France Télévisions.

Directed by: Mehdi Lallaoui

With the participation of Público Sénat and the National Center for Cinema and Animated Image

With the participation of: the city of Tulle and the departmental council of Corrèze

With the support of SACEM

Available on France.Tv until January 14, 2023 on France.Tv

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