La Patente begins to think about making a living from his music

Without a doubt, the members of the La Patente group will have some heartbreaking decisions to make before long if they continue to enjoy such success.

The four Madawaska musicians may have to choose between a full-time career with the group or continue trying to reconcile their careers with a full-time job.

The Acadian formation has been accumulating awards and successes for several months.

In 2022, La Patente won three awards at the FrancoFête in Acadie, as well as earning three Music NB Award nominations.

The singer Marc Collechio acknowledges that La Patente is gradually reaching a crossroads.

“It is increasingly difficult to have days off. It is difficult to find a balance. Yeah, eventually, it would be fun to make a living from our music. We’ll see what happens”, says the one who also plays the guitar.

“Not all employers are going to give you two months off. At the moment, we take it day by day and our patterns are quite flexible.

The other three members of Brayon’s formation (Mathieu Émond on banjo, Marc-André Godin on double bass and Jeremy Ouellette on drums) are teachers.

The 36-year-old singer is a postal worker in Fredericton.

“I drive in the truck and write songs between deliveries. A song often starts with a single sentence. I prefer to see myself as a storyteller.”

With two girls at home (7 and 11 years old), she has to find time for her music, just like her colleagues elsewhere.

“That’s what grandparents exist for! With work, children and music there is nothing easy, ”she says.

“We try to enjoy every moment. We are all thirty or forty years old. We are lucky to have the opportunity to experience something like this at our age. But it must be said that we also worked hard to get there.

The group was born in 2020 and their first album, L’ilusión d’la perfección, was released in 2021 on the Le Grenier musique label.

“It’s not the awards that motivate us, it’s the pleasure of making music together, of traveling and playing as many places as possible. The prices are just the icing on the cake”, explains Marc Collechio.

“I wanted to find guys to just play music for fun at nights and on weekends and drink beer. That’s how our story began.”

The singer describes his music as “Stray Cats on Acid,” a mix of swing, rockabilly, funk, country, and punk.

“We only compose what we feel and what we want to write. The songs are completely different from one to another.

The year 2023 will be completely crazy for La Patente with a trip to Belgium in April, participation in the East Coast Music Awards in May, in Halifax, as well as festivals in France in July and August.

The group also finds a way to compose new music in this crazy schedule.

The singer says he already has enough pieces to fill a third album

According to him, the style will be similar to the first.

“The lyrics are perhaps a little more reflective since I have more experience writing. It’s like everything, the more you practice, the better you get. I like to think that my lyrics are more reflective.”

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