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  • 1 A failed bundle of services

  • The last major sector not affected by the pooling of City (Lamballe-Armor) and Agglo (Lamballe Terre et Mer) services, culture begins its process in 2020. Other attempts had taken place in the past, without success . Consulting firm Deron is then called in to frame things up. In this long-term project desired by the elected officials, the agents (Quai des Rêves, conservatory, libraries, museum, etc.) are mobilized for several days to build an optimal work organization. “We were all very enthusiastic, testifies one of them. We told ourselves that it was an opportunity to relaunch the dynamics and set up new projects together”. The ax falls in early 2022: Elected officials opt out of the process, without giving an official reason. Everything stays as it is. Cost of the provision of the external firm and the provision of agents during the workshops: approximately €30,000.

    Quai des Rêves, in Lamballe. (The Telegram / Benoit Trehorel)

    I signed up under certain conditions, but today those conditions have changed.

  • 2 An abandoned library network

  • Anne-Laure Madec is hired in 2021 as director of the four Lamballe-Armor libraries (1), with the particular aim of organizing the Agglo library network. Of the 38 municipalities in the territory, 29 have a library. In June 2019, the community office validated the project management assistance proposal. A company had also been hired there. Two axes were prioritized: the creation of a common documentary portal and concerted cultural actions. Last March, 14 libraries expressed their desire to participate in the process. The impulse is there, the general desire of librarians testifies to it. During the municipal council on November 14, some elected members of the opposition were surprised to see the mixed publication of Anne-Laure Madec (50% City, 50% Agglo) refocus on Lamballe-Armor. For something that seems budgetary, according to Thierry Gauvrit, elected responsible for culture in the City and the Agglo, during the community council on December 20, the creation of networks is abandoned. Return to the starting point.

    The Lamballe Library is located at 14 rue Père Ange Le Proust.
    The Lamballe Library is located at 14, rue Père Ange Le Proust. (The Telegram / Benoit Trehorel)
  • 3 A new museum aimlessly

  • Opened to much fanfare on June 18 in the stud’s stable number 12, the new Mathurin Méheut museum was heralded as “the Pont-Aven of northern Brittany”. If the attendance numbers are really encouraging, behind the scenes it raises questions. Hired in 2019 at 20% of her time to assume the management role, Christelle Schweitzer, who is also responsible for Agglo’s cultural department, preferred not to continue her mission beyond December 31, 2022. committed under certain conditions, but today Those conditions have changed,” he argued on the sidelines of the museum’s general assembly on December 8. To date, no successor has been found.

    The new Mathurin Méheut museum has been installed in stable 12 of the Lamballe stud.
    The new Mathurin Méheut museum has been installed in stable 12 of the Lamballe stud. (The Telegram / Benoit Trehorel)

    We feel that the motivation is no longer there. No one understands the vision of elected officials and their decisions.

  • 4 A palpable malaise

  • Within the various facilities (museum, conservatory, Quai des Rêves, libraries), fatigue, exhaustion, even anger, predominate among many agents. By way of illustration, in the City Council two positions were not renewed, thus increasing the burden of the team members: one with the technique, and recently, the one with cultural action. Among the investments planned by Agglo in 2023, finally postponed indefinitely: that of the renovation work on certain dilapidated buildings of the conservatory. An operation recommended by the Committee on Health, Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT) that went to listen to the agents in early 2022 after the concerns raised. “We feel that the motivation is no longer there. No one understands the vision of the elected officials and their decisions”, breathes another agent.

    (1) Lamballe, Meslin, Morieux and Planguenoual.

    Thierry Gauvrit is deputy mayor of Lamballe-Armor and vice-president of Lamballe Terre & Mer, in the field of culture.
    Thierry Gauvrit is the first deputy mayor of Lamballe-Armor in charge of culture, heritage and international relations, and the twelfth vice-president of Lamballe Terre & Mer, in charge of arts education and cultural education. (The Telegram / Benoit Trehorel)

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