the feminist and surreal world of Genesis Belanger

Fun, strange and disturbing, Genesis Belanger’s installations are, under the cloak of humor, a feminist critique of the consumer society.

A shopping cart full of groceries, a gumball machine, the reliefs of a party arranged on a flying carpet, a torn body waiting for the plastic surgeon’s scalpel… the pop and surreal world of Genesis Belanger unfolds in the Perrotin gallery in a vast exhibition. Composed of three installations, it portrays three environments, the “discount store”the aftermath of the party and the operating room, assembling objects like knives in a world where the human figure is always absent.

Criticism of a consumer society

A sculptor, Génesis Belanger had an early career as a prop assistant for advertising. Tired of working in the service of pure and simple capitalism, she returned to art school in 2009 and decided to dedicate herself fully to her artistic career. Since then, she has developed a vocabulary of objects that she creates herself in ceramics from a drawing, then assembles them with metal and arranges them on pedestals or furniture that she builds with her assistants.

Installation view of Blow Out (2022) by Genesis Belanger at Perrotin, Paris, with Healthy Living, Impulse Buy and Three for One Photo: ©Pauline Shapiro. Courtesy of Perrotin

A subtle, subdued palette of pastel tones dominates her work, inspired by the 1950s and 1960s advertising iconography from which she draws inspiration. Strange, deliberately anthropomorphic or eroticized, the elements that populate his universe (bouquet of flowers, hot dog, hand or finger with a perfect manicure, curling iron, consumer products, etc.) reappear from one installation to another, carrying a meaning according to their interaction, both between them and with the titles, literary or taken from popular expressions, to which he resorts.

Genesis Belanger, It Is Transactional, 2022, gouache on paper, 76.2 x 55.9 cm Photo: Tanguy Beurdeley.  Courtesy of Perrotin

Genesis Belanger, It Is Transactional, 2022, gouache on paper, 76.2 x 55.9 cm Photo: Tanguy Beurdeley. Courtesy of Perrotin

Critic of a consumer society and of the stereotypes attached to the feminine, Génesis Belanger prefers humor to frontal denunciation. ” The strangeness, the absurd seem to me a better starting point than the accusation to unravel the systems and patterns in which we are all trapped. »

Portrait of Genesis Belanger.  ©Claire Dorn

Portrait of Genesis Belanger. ©Claire Dorn

Genesis Belanger in a nutshell

Birth of Genesis Belanger in Massachusetts, United States.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, The School of The Art Institute, Chicago.

MFA, Combined Media, Hunter College, New York.

“Objects Like Us”, group exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield.

“Holding Pattern”, solo exhibition at the New Museum, New York.

“Through the Eye of a Needle”, solo exhibition at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield.

“We were never friends”, solo exhibition at the Dijon Consortium.

“Mirror Mirror: fashion and the psyche”
MoMu Fashion Museum
Nationalestraat 28, Antwerp
until February 26, 2023

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