Be careful, this cult movie from the 80s that returned in 2022 is leaving Prime Video

Calling all die-hard Tom Cruise fans: After recently leaving Netflix, this movie from the late Tony Scott will soon also be unavailable on Netflix. first video. Indeed, top gun leaves the streaming platform on January 15. In this cult film, the American star lends his features to Lieutenant Pete Mitchell, known as Maverick, a noted fighter pilot and a real hothead since his father was killed in flight during the Vietnam War. He was chosen to receive high-level training at Top Gun, a famous naval aviation school in California. All students compete for the title of best pilot. Maverick was quickly noted there for his spirit of independence, much to the annoyance of his instructor, Commander Metcalf, who knew his father well. The role of Maverick launched the career of Tom Cruise, who was then 24 years old. The actor has also reprized the role of him in a sequel called Top Gun: Maverickreleased in spring 2022.

Tom Cruise Returns to Duty in Sequel to top gun

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More than thirty years after the first top gun, Tom Cruise signs a new success by making a notable return in the shoes of Pete Mitchell. A Navy fighter pilot for thirty years, however, he never made it past the command stage. Although his position, considered obsolete by the military, could earn him early retirement, his old friend Tom Kazansky, aka Iceman, calls him on a special mission: train the best pilots who have graduated from Top Gun school to a dangerous mission. Among them is the son of his missing friend, Goose. As part of the new media timeline, Top Gun: Maverick It was broadcast for the first time on television on Canal+, just six months after its theatrical release. After breaking records in the cinema, the action film was followed by almost 2 million viewers on Thursday, December 22, the date of its first broadcast, and continues to break records on the MyCanal platform.

rediscover Eyes wide Shutwith Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, on Prime Video

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Either top gun will be leaving Prime Video soon, it will now be available on the new streaming platform Paramount+. But die-hard Tom Cruise fans can find him in the drama right now. Eyes wide Shut, available from Sunday, January 1 on Prime Video. In this film, whose screenplay is based on the story by writer Arthur Schnitzler, we follow the story of Bill Harford and his wife Alice, who are, each on their own, the object of daring seduction attempts during a social reception. If they both resisted the temptation, the next day, Alicia confesses to her husband that she thought of cheating on him and regrets not having taken action. Disturbed by this revelation, Bill visits one of his patients, a young woman shocked by the death of her father. The latter, against all odds, declares her love for him. Increasingly disturbed, he decides to run away. If the film was a box office success in 1999, it mainly contributed to the divorce of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

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