La Folle Journée in the regions from January 27 to 29, 2023


From January 27 to 29, 2023, FOLLE JOURNÉE in the Pays-de-la-Loire region will celebrate its 20th anniversary!

The objective is to promote access to culture for all residents and, on the occasion of the Folle Journée in the region, to share musical excellence by fostering proximity.

160 concerts will be offered in 23 municipalities with a unique opportunity to discover internationally renowned artists, performing important works of classical or contemporary music. This is the most important cultural event in Pays-de-la-Loire.
And this at affordable prices ranging from €2 to €12.

La Folle Journée – Musical culture – Ode to the night

The motto of this 2023 edition is “Ode to the night”.
It will allow you to find the works of essential masters such as Handel or Charpentier, and explore other variations on this same theme with jazz, flamenco or so-called current music.

The opportunity also to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this musical and cultural organization that aims above all at proximity” to arouse curiosity, surprise and be closer to the inhabitants“.

Also noteworthy, in addition to the programming of the 160 concerts, the staging:
– a traveling stage with 15 concerts from January 25 to 29, 2023, scheduled in each department of Pays-de-la-Loire;
– also concerts organized at the TER on Thursday, January 26, 2023;
– also concerts at the Angers, La Roche-sur-Yon and Le Mans resorts, on Thursday 27 and Friday 27 January 2023.
It is also scheduled to play “Vexations” by Erik Satie at the Nantes station, for 24 hours, from 6 in the morning until 6:15 in the morning of the following day (“Vexations” was created by Erik Satie in 1893 , avant-garde music in reaction to the various humiliations he suffered. John Cage, an American composer, will perform it 840 times during the year 1963. Since then, musical piano “marathons” have been created and organized in homage to Vexations.

In Les Sables, 8 concerts will be offered to the Atlanteans.
For Jean-François, Culture Assistant, it is ” great satisfaction to see how Folle Journée integrates perfectly into the cultural program of Sablaise. »
Armel Pécheul, regional councilor of Pays-de-la-Loire, confirms the “ merit of this project that brings music closer to the public. It is not the public that moves but the artists who will meet the inhabitants. »

Lectures, musical performances in high schools, concerts at stations, music on trains, etc. will be organized. In total, 40 Vendée municipalities will be “affected” by this music promotion operation.
Amateur groups will be able to come and play with the professionals.

To keep the prices of these shows low, the Pays-de-la-Loir Region will support this operation by contributing 1.6 million euros.

For René Martin, coordinator of this great musical tradition in Pays-de-la-Loire, the theme “Ode to the Night” It has the advantage of being transversal and of being able to interest all audiences.
As we know, over time, the night has inspired a lot of painters but also musicians.

“It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and rich in colors than the day…”
Vincent van Gogh

Musicians have always sung the poetry of the night.
The night declines in an infinite variety of atmospheres that the composers strove to take advantage of and recreate the lullaby, the serenade, the nocturne.

We cite, among others:
– the lullaby (like Brahms’ lullaby)
– the Serenade (a little night music, played at night and in the open air)
– the “Nocturnes” (A confidential piece by John Field, which was taken up by Chopin. The Nocturnes are among Chopin’s most famous compositions.) German Romanticism celebrates the beauty of the night, its silence, and the poetry of moonlight, a vision of the night that can be found in certain paintings from Wagner’s operas, Chopin’s Nocturnes, Liszt, and later Fauré. .
– the Ballet of the Night (Louis XIV loved to dance, and he adored Lully. He had commissioned him to create what became Les Ballets de la Nuit): The night is thus evoked through dance in this grandiose Ballet de la Nuit de Lully. It was arranged in four parts depicting the night race, from dusk to dawn to dawn; an idea taken up later by Haydn with his trilogy of symphonies: Le Matin, le Midi, le Soir.
– Summer night Dream: the night is conducive to enchanting dreams. Sonde d’une nuit d’été by Mendelssohn recreates all the magic of the Shakespearean night.
– The thousand and one nights: ssThe attraction for the universe of the night is sometimes confused with the fascination that the Orient and the “Thousand and One Nights” exerts on various composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov with Scheherazade, or Mussorgsky with A Night on the Bald Mountain, or Balakirev with Tamara , a summit of musical orientalism that will influence many composers.
– The lessons of darkness: the night is often associated with death and musicians, like poets, easily evoke the night of the graves.
during Lent, with performances prohibited, “Lessons de la obscura”, an invitation to meditate on the mystery of death, became an opportunity to employ the musicians of the royal ballets for religious purposes; 12 candles representing the 12 apostles were placed and extinguished one by one….
– Christmas eve: it has been abundantly illustrated by Corelli, Handel or Charpentier.
– The Little Night Music: it is intended, like Gran Partita, another Mozart masterpiece, to be performed on “beautiful summer nights in the gardens of Vienna”. Night music is similar to entertainment music that magnifies wind instruments.
– The Transfigured Night: Schönberg delivers with his string sextet one of the most beautiful poems of the night and of love.

(Sources: La Folle Journée / Pays de la Loire).

Schönberg: The Transfigured Night

Chopin / Field: NOCTURES


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