What future awaits culture in Haute-Vienne after a difficult year 2022?

It is known, culture “compensates”: fun, pleasure, escape, discoveries, knowledge, encounters, dialogue, openness to others, open-mindedness, emancipation, from social life.

It is perhaps less well known that it generates considerable economic activity with consequent employment. In fact, culture represented 7% of France’s GDP ahead of the automobile industry. This is the conclusion of the study. Contribution of culture to the economy of France, dating from 2014, and produced jointly by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance.

The economic impact is applied locally. The study also highlights a positive correlation between culture and local development. Although it is a bit outdated, it reveals the strong dynamic potential of this sector.

However, in 2022, a series of realities and events have weakened the cultural fabric of Haute-Vienne. This weakening certainly contributes to that of the social ecosystem of which it is a part and where it plays an essential role at a human and economic level. Because everything fits…

Summary of the events that have weakened the culture in 2022:

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In rooms large and small: attendance is yet to return to pre-covid levels in 2019

Zenith, Opera, cinema in Limoges or the P’tit Bidule room in Saint-Junien, the drop in attendance compared to 2019, from -15 to -30% depending on the room, economically weakens the structures, in particular the private ones, which they bring the shows

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These structures implement means to adapt. But, worried about their future, they alert and challenge the public. “The public must return and resume the habit of booking,” say the promoters of shows.

Consequence of this drop in attendance

In Limoges:

A supposed decoupling of cultural investment

The disengagement of the municipality of Limoges took different forms in 2022: reduction of subsidies for all cultural structures established in the municipality; financial separation in the operation of cultural centers except Jean-Moulin.

Creation of a Dance House

As a counterpoint, the municipality is reorienting and reinforcing its commitment to the most elite contemporary dance, by creating a dedicated house in the Jean-Moulin center.

What future for Reading in Limoges?

A very popular literary and commercial event for 40 years, Reading in Limoges will be organized in 2023 in a reduced version. It will no longer be possible to invite as many authors as in the past, 150 against 300 according to the opposition in the last municipal council. What impact will these changes have on the event and its audience?

In Limoges: culture has “taken dearly”

But also

Disappearance of Horizons Croisés, concert organizer, a great loss for cultural biodiversity

The judicial liquidation of Horizons Croisés represents a great loss for cultural biodiversity in Haute-Vienne and beyond. In its 17 years of existence, this operator has made an effort to bring the best of today’s music scene, with artists like Feu! Chatterton, Suzane, Grands Corps Malade, Bigflo and Oli… It is also a loss of visibility for the emerging artists that Horizons Croisés has always programmed and local musicians to whom this operator offered a beautiful setting.

Learn more about the consequences of the disappearance of Crossed Horizons

A mixed and complicated evaluation for festivals in Haute-Vienne

The good surprise came from the Eclats d’Email jazz festival, which had its best attendance in 17 years of existence in 2022. However, the classical music festival 1001 Notes had to cancel four of the seven days of the festival due to lack of reservations. . With half the expected attendance for Urban Empire, this festival was the coup de grace for its organizer Horizons Croisés (see above). Result: no hottest summer music festival in sight in Haute-Vienne. We also highlight the success of emerging festivals in rural areas, where there is a spirit of closeness with the public.

More information about the future of festivals in Haute-Vienne

a few breaths of air

A 13% increase in attendance at the Center Dramatique-National-Théâtre de l’Union in Limoges, good visibility for the festival of Francophone shows Zébrures d’Automne in Limoges, success of the new Emancipations festival in Bellac… These breaths of he air, in the subsidized sector, show that there are reasons to believe in the vitality of culture and its induced effects.

Learn more about these puffs of air

Some examples of the economic benefits of culture in Haute-Vienne*

Limoges Opera
In 2017, a socioeconomic impact study found that the activity of the Opera contributed 1.5 million euros from abroad to the territory (various purchases by spectators, artist stays, etc.).

Francophonies: Zébrures Autumn Festival
In 2022, 10 days of the Zébrures d’automne festival generated 3,800 meals served, 1,796 overnight stays, €83,000 for local service providers (equipment rental, car rental, printing, cleaning, etc.).

In addition to permanent employees, 1,268 days of intermittent work, 423 days of seasonal work, were recorded for 93 employed persons.

National Dramatic Center – Union Theater
“A company that arrives in Limoges for 3 days is about fifteen people, artists, technicians and other team members. This means 45 nights, 135 meals. These are also various purchases, such as porcelain. They ask us for the correct addresses and we always provide a document that lets you know what there is to do in and around Limoges ”, explains Laurent Lalane, deputy director of the CDN-Théâtre de l’Union.

Data provided by the different structures

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