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Books, like movies or records, do not escape rankings in the form of court orders: the 100 best movies or the 20 books to read. This is not the case with “The 1000 books that make you want to read”, in which Sarah Sauquet offers to (re)find the pleasure of reading.

Literature teacher, creator of literary apps, Sarah Sauquet got into books during a long stay in hospital. A blessing in disguise for this reader who “knew how to read at a completely normal age, when she entered school.” Reading and fiction have become a refuge for her.

I was not in control of my body, I needed control of words. The literary universe allowed me to escape and understand the world.

Sara Sauquet

Some of the books that helped Sarah Sauquet can be found today in this 300-page book entitled “The 1000 books that make you want to read”, organized into three sections: to please, to instruct and to excite. Each divided into several chapters. For example, you will find books that make you travel, laugh, that illuminate, that bear witness, that make you dream.

There is no rating or mandated reading in this anthology, but rather a release for those who don’t necessarily want to shine in salons. “I especially wanted this notion of pleasure. And you also have to listen to the guilty pleasure! ”, indicates the author to the RTS. A protein pleasure that can take many different forms at every moment of our lives. A hermetic reader to the notion of hierarchy, Sarah Sauquet enjoys reading a great popular novel as much as rereading Racine or Faulkner. “From above my 39 years, how would it be legitimate to say what to read or not to read?”

Enthusiasm, that “God that one carries inside”

Because the encounter with a book is very personal. It is very possible that you miss a book, but find it later. Sarah Sauquet prefers to speak of enthusiasm, of that “inner God”. “I designed this book as a set of suggestions, gateways. With the idea that a book by one author leads you to discover others.”

After a year and a half of writing, this book tells the story of a reader’s journey. There is a lot of children’s literature there. “She shaped me,” he says. If a livre lu à l’âge de huit ans remains in memory trente ans plus tard, “il mérite d’être dans ce livre. De creuser pourquoi il a marqué. C’est donc un travail récent, mais aussi le parcours de toute a life”. A hollow, subjective autobiography that tells the story of the author.

Musso, Camus, same fight

So here is a teacher who is not afraid of the big difference. Approaching the best sellers of the moment (Musso, Dicker, etc.) together with a Nobel Prize in Literature does not scare him, on the contrary: “There is a very clear will to break the codes. A will that we find in my references to popular culture. I am both a reader and a son of TV: they made me come to the books because there is a porosity between them”.

Swiss authors are not far behind in “The 1000 books that make you want to read”: Ramuz continues to be their favorite with “Derborence” and “The life of Samuel Belet”. “I adore Ramuz. He made me love mountain literature and gave it his letters of nobility. It moves me. Samuel Belet is a moving hero that I will never forget. And ‘Derborence’ is a great UFO about the fear of confinement. It is an unclassifiable book and amazing. I also love Hermann Hesse and Agota Kristof, they upset me. And I made my students read Joël Dicker. I laughed a lot reading ‘The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair,’” concludes Sarah Sauquet.

Pierre Philippe Cadert/olhor

Sarah Sauquet, “The 1000 books that make you want to read”, Glénat editions

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