[VIDEO] Roko: The Year of Street Art

Before music, there was graffiti, it was the love of drawing that brought Roko, Konix, LSA and DKpit together in the Titan Village at that time. In 2023, street art once again takes center stage in the life of the Futur Crew singer.

Roko, the singer of Futur Crew, invites us to the Champ Fleuri graffiti park to discover his first creation of the year

It was in the Saint-Denis graffiti park on Champ Fleuri that we had an appointment to share Roko’s first creation of the year. This place of expression is open to all, and artists of all levels can come and cover the bins with their best work, or just learn about the bomb, without pretense or judgement. “If the boys want to start, draw a picture, now is the time, we can let go, there is no pressure and on the contrary there is the opportunity to put creation into action, and above all to discover Roko advises, as a teacher would with his disciples.

Roko has always had his own style, and although he admires and respects the work of certain artists like Paris Tonkar or Daim, he hasn’t been influenced by their performances. He likes skulls and his world is a bit dark in intention, but colorful in execution. “When it’s too soft, I get the impression that we’re bored.” He multiplies supports and collaborations, it can be a canvas, a wall, a garment, a project for a festival, for a tourist office, or for an individual.

Roko doesn’t like it when it’s too soft and prefers to unleash his creativity on skulls.

His biggest piece: the boy with a book in the Camélias neighborhood for the 2021 Graffiti Meeting, which required six days of work. Funniest creation of his: A pirate commissioned by a client at La Souris Chaude in La Saline-Les-Bains, “ I left a card white”. For the frescoes, his companion Konix systematically accompanies him.

For a large-scale fresco, up to 60 cans of paint are needed.

He started with graffiti in the 2000s, after his micro brothers paved the way for him in the 1990s, whom he considers to be the pioneers of street art in Réunion. The music took over and then, as they say, you always go back to your first love, so” With the exhibitions, the paintings, the canvases, there is no more street art than this year “says the interpreter of Chien Denis.

So if you meet the Roko/Konix duo this year, it’s definitely going to be with a spray paint in your hand.

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