Netflix: Millie Bobby Brown transformed for her next movie!

The movie Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown, has had some success on Netflix. And her fans will soon see her again on the small screen, since the actress will return on October 13, 2023. But will they be able to recognize her in this new film? MCE TV tells you everything, from A to Z!

Millie Bobby Brown: an actress who is talked about a lot

Even when she’s not on screen, actress Millie Bobby Brown keep getting the attention of your fans. You have to believe that she likes to be noticed!

Lately, we remember for example that she had controversy created after a stolen kiss in a netflix movie. A bad buzz that she would have done right!

But Millie Bobby Brown knows too talk about her in a good way. In fact, she had mentioned her desire toembody a famous music icon of the 2000 in the cinema, a few months ago. Something to delight his many fans!

At the same time, we could see that she was always very close to your community. If many of your fans talk about crazy theories about the Netflix series Strange thingsof which she is one of the main heroines, it happens that some of them are right. At least, if we are to believe the words of the actress…

And speaking of her fans, they might be surprised to see their idol on screen in her next movie for Netflix. It must be said that Millie Bobby Brown would have suffered a very significant physical transformation… MCE TV tells you more!

Damsel: new Netflix film for the English actress

This is news that should make Millie Bobby Brown fans smile. we will finally find her star of a Netflix show !

This time it will be a fantastic film, in which the famous actress will play the role of Élodie, a princess in medieval times. That promises!

But to put herself in the shoes of this new heroine, it was necessary to carry out a remarkable physical transformation. In fact, Millie Bobby Brown will not be more blonde, but brunette !

netflix has revealed some images feature film about Twitter. We see the actress with a determined look, sword in hand. There will be blood and tears!

Furthermore, our colleagues entertainment television noted that the character of Millie Brown would be “a young princess surprised to discover that she will be sacrificed to the sacred dragon from the caves of the kingdom after marrying her prince charming”.

We also know that the heroine will quickly discover the rose pot and understand that she must escape from the cave by their own means. But we won’t tell you more!

In any case, we can’t wait to see the famous actress again in this new Netflix movie, which will be released October 13, 2023 on the streaming platform.

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