Upcoming New Twilight Books May Fix Bad Movie Endings

While the end of the Twilight Saga was divisive among the franchise’s sizable audience, the next few books in the series may salvage that. Although the Twilight books (and the movies adapted from them) were huge hits, the saga received a lot of criticism upon its release. Some of the negative reviews the Twilight Saga received were little more than clichés from the franchise’s teenage fanbase, but, even among mainstream fans, some valid criticism was leveled.

Whether it’s the plot holes in Bella and Charlie’s relationship in Twilight or the lack of interest in the story of the first sequel, there has been a lot of fair criticism leveled at the Twilight movies. However, the biggest problem viewers had with the Twilight movies was the disappointing ending to the final episode of the series, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Infamously, Breaking Dawn Part 2 featured a brutal and bloody battle sequence that killed a large number of heroes and villains. only for the movie to later reveal that it was all just a dream. Thankfully, Stephenie Meyers has two more Twilight books planned, which means the franchise can right that wrong.

How Stephenie Meyers’ Future Twilight Plans Could Redeem The Franchise

During a virtual event in 2020, Stephenie Meyers told BooksAMillion that she was busy coming up with original ideas and wanted to do something new before writing more Twilight. However, the author said that she has plots ready for two more Twilight books. The original Twilight sequel, Forever Dawn, would have seen the series end after just two installments, but Meyers rewrote the plot to add a couple of sequels between the first and last novels. In 2020, Meyers clarified that there were two more books set in the world of Twilight that she wanted to write, meaning the author is open to expanding show business again.

Meyers’ plans for the future of the Twilight franchise may redeem the end of the original saga, which was a surprisingly tame and uneventful end to the drama series. Although all the main characters had their happy endings, the ending of Breaking Dawn Part 2 still left a vocal part of the fanbase disappointed when the ending promised a big battle and failed to deliver. The best Twilight film adaptation, Eclipse, changed the story of the original novel so that the adaptation could focus more on dramatic and cinematic action, and the failure of Breaking Dawn Part 2 could be fixed with new Twilight books that offer a better and more proper ending to the franchise. .

Twilight Retellings slowed the franchise down (but proved it still had an audience)

Whether it was 2015’s Life and Death or 2020’s Midnight Sun (which was the original Twilight book, but told from Edward’s point of view), Meyers was too busy rewriting the original book to go ahead and tell new Twilight stories. However, while this set back the franchise’s progress, the storytelling also served a vital purpose. These novels and their financial success proved that there was still an audience for the new Twilight books, which was unclear after the critical failure of recent paranormal novels like 2021’s Dracula retelling The Invitational.

Midnight Sun was a bestseller, providing tangible proof that a new Twilight movie or TV reboot of the franchise could be financially viable. Although the Twilight novels and their film adaptations initially appealed to teenagers now in their thirties, the franchise obviously has an enduring appeal that hasn’t faded over time. This is promising news for Meyers’ next two Twilight books, which will likely be successful enough to spark an adaptation. Although Midnight Sun never received a movie (and neither did Life or Death), that was mostly because they were versions of the original novel and not actual Twilight sequels.

A new Twilight movie could totally change his reputation

While bringing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back for a new Twilight movie would be an impressive achievement, recasting them would be out of the question given their cultural impact. Meanwhile, while the Twilight series’ resurgence in popularity seems to have waned from 2017-2020, that doesn’t mean a new Twilight movie can’t recapture the appeal of previous installments, just like Meyers’ stories. . one of her first novels. The Twilight Saga grossed $3.3 billion at the box office, and it’s unlikely a franchise with such lucrative potential has faded from public consciousness.

However, for a new Twilight spin-off to be successful, the project would have to redefine the direction of the series. Meyers has already made it clear that she won’t be rewriting any of the other Twilight novels from Edward’s perspective, and the author is right to take that approach, as the smart device could get boring with another novel. Instead, a new Twilight reboot shouldn’t focus on older versions of existing characters, but instead on a character who is the same age as Bella, Jacob, and Edward at the beginning of the series. As such, the Twilight sequels should redeem Renesmee.

Redeeming Twilight’s reputation could create another major movie franchise

If the new Twilight novels focus on Renesmee, it could take the complicated legacy of the existing saga and turn it into a fun revival. Instead of delving into Edward’s dark history and placing the tragic and over-the-top elements of the Twilight Saga at the heart of the story, a new franchise reboot could focus specifically on Bella and Edward’s young daughter to give the series a new perspective. perspective. Meyers has previously said that she also wants to work on new projects, and that her next jobs would be more likely to be successful if her name is associated with a fun reboot instead of the original ending of the Twilight Saga.

Already, a big-budget adaptation of Meyers’ work has sunk like a stone and flopped with critics due to Twilight’s ignominious reputation as a humorless series. However, The Host’s failure to recapture the success of Twilight could be seen as proof that the Twilight saga deserves a funnier, more self-aware reboot, focusing on Renesmee’s story to reignite interest in Meyers’ writing. . If future Twilight novels take this approach, there’s no limit to the future of the show’s world and the number of franchises its author could create.

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