“Air Art Studio” first Pole Dance school in the town

The young limousine Sarah Philippeaux inaugurated in September 2019 the first pole dance school, aerial arts and complementary courses, in the city.

Passionate about the arts and sports of all kinds from an early age, Sarah discovered pole dancing at the age of 17. She is quickly addicted. She then decided to leave her profession as a hairdresser and turned her passion into an activity in its own right. In 2015, she followed the professional training for Pole Dance teachers, directed by Marianna Baum. The only training recognized today by the French Dance Federation and the Unesco International Dance Commission, to become a pole dance teacher.

A sport like no other and open to all

Pole dancing, far from the striptease clichés anchored in people’s minds, is in fact a circus discipline, invented in Canada. In 2017, pole dancing was recognized as a sport in its own right by the World Association of International Sports Federations. Beyond appearances, pole dancing and aerial arts are accessible sports for all says Sarah. Whether you have never practiced a sport in your life or are an experienced athlete, these disciplines do not require any predisposition. In fact, the acquisition of strength, flexibility and balance is done gradually with practice and the techniques taught. It is a sport accessible to women and men from the age of 7, and with no age limit. The eldest of my students is 74 years old and does not demerit, quite the opposite ! However, it’s never too late to start, she said smiling. The gentlemen are more feverish and do not dare to take the leap, it is a pity. Various disciplines are offered within the studio, pole dance, stretching classes, aerial hoops, silk, pole dance and whirl pole. .

In 2022, the studio reached the highest peaks of the competition, when Sarah crossed paths with Dyennifer De Melo Luca, a disabled student, who asked her to become her official coach. A great match that will propel the talented student and Para Pole athlete to the top. Dyennifer wins the title of French champion in July 2022 and that of World Champion in October 2022, in Lausanne.

The competition group, made up of six students, men and women, from 13 to 52 years old, is actively preparing for the 2023 season, with a view to the French Pole Sport championships, with perhaps for some the access ticket to the World Cup, in Poland .

Air Art Studio, 15 route de Saint-Polycarpe in Limoux. Place : airart-limoux.com

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