Are Lydia and Stiles still a couple in the movie?

By Romain Charp

– Posted on January 27, 2023 at 20:37

Teen Wolf: The Movie is available starting January 26 on Paramount+. Lydia and Stiles, the beloved fan couple, did they stay together after the series? We answer you!

Certain series mark the spirits and build communities of die-hard fans. It is the case of teen wolf, a soap opera for teenagers, which portrays a fantastic universe in which werewolves evolve. In the first episode, we discover Scott McCall, a simple-looking teenager who plays on his high school’s lacrosse team. Of a curious character, he gets it into his head to go in search of a corpse in the forest located near his place of residence. He picks up his friend Stiles. on this adventure. The two young men narrowly escape an attack during their expedition. Unfortunately, scott is hurt. He was bitten in the abdomen.

Some time later, he discovers that he has become a werewolf. The series describes his adventures. Inside this new supernatural universe. Within teen wolfwe were able to discover Tyler Posey who plays Scott McCall and Dylan O’Brien as Stiles, Scott’s best friend. Holland Roden played Lydia Martin, while Tyler Hoechlin (who we meet in superman and lois), lent his features to Derek Hale, a lone male wolf at the beginning of the series. The success was there. teen wolf it ended after its sixth season. Producer and screenwriter Jeff Daviswho created the series, announced in September 2021 that a film called Teen Wolf: The Movie it was being prepared.

Are Lydia and Stiles still in love in the movie?

In the original series, Lydia and Stiles had an epic romance. To the extent that the couple was among the darlings public. They formalized their union in season 6. However, Dylan O’Brien did not reprise his role in the film. Therefore we can ask what happened to the two lovebirds, at the end of the series. Comedian Holland Roden, who reprized her role in the film, has confirmed that her character is estranged from Stiles. Lydia would have left him because she had a nightmare on a regular basis, in which she saw the man of her life die in a car accident. So that this dream is not prophetic, therefore, he chooses to leave it in order to preserve it from this disastrous fate.

On this subject, Jeff Davis said tv insider : “I wanted power tell an emotional story and the idea that Lydia had a premonition and couldn’t shake it off and that the reason she broke up with him it was to save him, keeping him alive felt like a huge heroic sacrifice to me in a way. » Sad news for fans of the couple. But calm down. The producer does not have did not close the door on a possible revival. He immediately added “Do they have any chance of being together in the future? Oh absolutely, you never know what happens in these stories. »

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