Our favorite books of the weekend of January 28 and 29, 2023

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Célestine, drama of an orphan

In 1970s France, Célestine starts out in life with little luck. His parents committed suicide in the car as soon as he was born and the child was entrusted to relatives who never wanted to be parents. The girl, sweet and charming, grows up but she finds herself, at the age of 17, before the juvenile criminal court. How could she have twisted like that? the answer only comes at the end of this short novel. Célestine is the first book by Belgian painter Sophie Wouters. She “explores human foibles that can sometimes lead to tragedy”. Even the novelist Amélie Nothomb confessed to having been “disgusted” for this text.


matchmakerby Sophie Wouters, Ed. Hervé Chopin, 125 pages, €16.


A sweet and poetic fable

What a beautiful album! Poetic, intelligent, devoid of any demagogy in relation to small children. Let’s explain. Too often, in order to make modern (modernity, that adulterated fuel that makes the world go backwards), authors believe they have to use the language of young people, of young people. Amputation of negations, verlan, violation of elementary rules of grammar. Ridiculous ! Here, none of that. Pierre Joly (he completed biology studies, then wrote many short stories), the author respects our beautiful French language; His style is clear, sharp and precise both in the dialogues and in the narration of the story. The latter takes us in the footsteps of a girl, small, very small; One spring morning, she discovers in front of her cabin door an egg all white and smooth as Zidane’s skull. She decides to take care of him, she pampers him, pampers him, warms him, hoping that her parents won’t take long to get him back. They won’t come. From the egg will hatch a beautiful and large bird that she will take care of as carefully as she did with the egg. A delicious fable, which questions the role of parents and the environment, magnificently served by the delicate and soft line of the illustrator Virapheuille. Highly recommended.

PhD in Philosophy

The girl and the birdPierre Joly and Virapheuille, Margot, from 4 years old, 40 p., €12.90.

Pierre Joly and Virapheuille-THE YOUNG GIRL and the BIRD-January 2023

Albertin Patfawl in great shape

We know his black humor, his hatred of sadness and his irresistible desire to shake narrow minds. The ex-Albertin Patfawl (today living in Le Mans) is not the first failure of him in medical humour. It must be said that he himself is sick, he has every right to laugh without limit at the comic situations that both patients and doctors face. With “Sick Humor”He dares with everything. 115 drawings dealing with illness, disability, death, the hospital and sexuality. Between black humor and the absurd, he affirms “an anti-sadness collection”. Also, it seems that laughter is a good way to stay healthy!


sick mood, Patfawl, editions le petit pavé (petitpave.fr), 120 pages, €12. Soon to be signed at the Maison de la presse d’Albert.


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