when music lives in the body

The clip of the song “From love to hate”, by the R&B singer Oordaya, has just been released this Friday, January 27..

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Signed in 2022 in epic records and programmed in the first part of Angèle, the 22-year-old is about to present her first album, Alnaïr, named after a star. It offers a uniquely emotional and culturally rich story from when Oordaya spent her teenage years between France, Botswana and Jordan.
“From love to hate” is the second track released.

significant simplicity

In the city, the bustle takes over. The city is people, passing trains, metal and concrete. Nothing more impersonal and familiar, but enough to guarantee, on the contrary, the next immersion in the introspective thoughts of Oordaya.

shorten "from love to hate"-Oordaya, Youtube
Clip “from love to hate”-Oordaya, Youtube

Surprisingly, we find ourselves unable to take our eyes off this clip, which is very sober. Black and white, a piece of street near a train, and Oordaya who dances or writhes in pain of love while she sings her emotions in a hip-hop style, mixing soul and trap.

The bodily manifestation of the sung emotions is, in effect, a simple image. But this simplicity gives the piece great authenticity: finally we have the feeling of seeing and hearing, in front of us, a post-breakup therapy.

The image tells the music.

In “From Love to Hate”, music and images are truly inseparable. The frame, through these metal bars, illustrates the confinement. Although outside and surrounded by passing cars, you can be alone with yourself.

The song takes control of Oordaya’s movements: her body dances, and twists, to the rhythm of the expression of suffering and the memory of moments tinged with joy. The lyrics evoke very well, through some simple but strong and evocative words, the feelings of the breakup. Oordaya speaks of “punching”, of “cutting breath”, and says that “times have changed”. She also talks about a “drowned look”, that look that, lost in the void, says it all in a fraction of a second.

shorten "from love to hate"-Oordaya, Youtube
Clip “from love to hate”-Oordaya, Youtube

Finally, by not having to go to all the stops to count the pain, Oordaya manages to make words of real sensations known to everyone. The letter comes to materialize, a phenomenon accompanied by the bodily movements of the clip.

At times, Oordaya sketches out a dance step and says that sometimes the hope of continuing the relationship persists.

In the chorus, the dryness of the trap rhythm accompanies the outpouring of suffering that her body expresses. Bluntly, Oordaya confesses: “from love to hate, everything for you, and nothing magnificent”; “From love to hate, they told me that the end would be tragic.”

shorten "from love to hate"-Oordaya, Youtube
Clip “from love to hate”-Oordaya, Youtube

At the end, a deep breath, like a breath of relief. Oordaya confided, about her album: “I would often find myself in the studio in impossible states, crying… a bit like psych sessions I would do with myself. Making this album was real therapy. ».

“From Love to Hate” is about the music itself. Words and notes, even when it comes to vibes and soul, are sometimes the best ingredients for emotional reconstruction, both for the performer and their listeners.

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